mmm - Korean sticky rice, assorted julliened vegetables (and possibly some ground beef), the lava-like substance called GoChuJang (pepper and bean paste). Sometimes a fried egg to crown it all off. And - if you are lucky - in the hot-from-the-oven stone bowl called dolsot. With soup on the side, an amazingly satisfying meal.

In Korea a number of mountains have Buddhist monasteries on or near the top. A wonderful goal to have at the end of the brisk hike up the rocky but well-traveled mountain paths.

Within Seoul there are a number of climable mountains, which save the city from being a hell of concrete, glass and paving stones... Like Prospect Park, Brighton Beach and The Cloisters redeem NYC somewhat.

KwanAkSan is a mountain just to the south of Seoul. With two friends we made a weekend climb up and as we passed through the monastery - the smell of the miso-like soup (DwuengJangGuk)that goes with bebimbap tortured us... Turned out that that monastary offered the simple meal to visitors for a suggested donation.

Mountain air, a beautiful little monastery and some bebimbap - not much else to ask for in life...

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