Hot water rushes over cold feet. I already took a shower; this is a relaxation bath, not a cleansing bath. How many years ago was my last bath? I suspect March 19, 1997. I like it when you can plug that stupid safety backup drain and really fill the tub. Unfortunately, I run out of hot water due to that shower...
I slip down until my head leans comfortably against the back of the tub, but this leaves my knees high and dry. I cross my legs at the ankles; this helps me displace more water.
I am in hot water, submerged enough that my belly fur stays damp. My thoughts drift, I am relaxed and serene, my eyes close and I nap.
45 min later I drift back to consciousness. Is there more hot water? YES. HOORAY.

Eureka! | Archimedes' Principle

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