In reality, less of a game of basketball and more a game of sheer boredom. This is a solo game and requires that the participant be sitting in a bathroom stall. The rules are as follows:

First, make sure the adjacent stall is empty. Try asking for toilet paper as a ruse, so as not to sound like a pervert.

Second, take a small amount of toilet paper from your dispenser. If your stall is equipped with a tradtional roll, try to use less than 3 squares. If you are presented with tissue-style dispensers, I recommend a single sheet.

In the event that you have no toilet paper, you should follow the instructions in step one, as well as consider reevaluating your strategy for choosing the right bathroom stall.

Third, ball up your toilet paper. A tight ball is recommended.

Finally, take aim. Your target is the bowl of the adjacent stall.

Score is awarded for accuracy.

Strategy: Try to aim 'short.' Remember, the stall walls are high and you should ideally have your shot begin to fall as it clears the wall.

Alternative play methods: Same rules, but aim for urinals, sinks or toilet bowls that are not adjacent. Again, refer to rule #1 before beginning your game.

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