The bat-pole is what Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson would use to slide down to the Batcave on the old 60's Batman TV show. The routine went like this: Commisioner Gordon would call using the hotline. You knew this was a special phone line because the phones on both ends were completly painted bright red. Then Bruce and Dick would swing into action, running into the Wayne Mansion's private library. In the library was a stone bust of Bruce's father whose head would swivel open to reveal a button in the neck. Pressing that button resulted in the bookshelf swinging open to reveal... the bat-pole! Bruce and Dick would slide down, much like how firemen do in firestations.

In the TV show, only three people knew about the location of the the pole and the cave. Bruce, Dick, and the butler Alfred. In the Batman comics and animated series, the entrance way to the Batcave was hidden behind a grandfather clock. In the movies, it was just behind a locked door.

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