Bank facing is an act done with paper money where the money is put in order so that each bill is put in the stack facing the same way as the others. So, if you had a stack of 30, dollar bills where the image of George Washington is showing inverted on each the bills are bank faced. Banks, as well as many people, do this to keep their money in a neat and structured way. Some banks will not take paper money that is not sorted in this way, or coins not rolled. This is mosy likely because it would be too time consuming to have the tellers sort the money how the bank requires it to be. Some machines require bank facing to work right. Certain automated money counters feed bills through the machine and read their face, if they are not aligned right they will reject the bill. An example of a machine like this would be a soda machine, they read the bills to allow you to pay for your drink. On a personal note, when I cash out after work as a waiter, I bank face my tips so that the money is easier count and I can get out of there faster.

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