Bakeapples are yellow berries that are related to raspberries. They are more tart and have a milder taste. Bakeapples are also more firm, so they are usually cooked before eating.

These berries grow in bogs and coastal marshes in northern areas like Finland (where they are known as cloudberries) and Newfoundland. The plants are difficult to propagate, so the only access to them is in the wild. Most people who know where some grow put on some hip waders, take the boat out to a secluded marsh and spend the day filling buckets. The rareness of the berries, combined with the discomfort and difficulty of picking and cleaning them has made them very expensive to obtain. (We paid $70 CDN for one gallon last summer...and it was well worth the price)

Most people that are lucky enough to have access to bakeapples make them into jam, though I have seen bakeapple wine and bakeapple liqueur as well.

Bakeapple Jam

1 lb. washed fresh bakeapples
3/4 lb. sugar

Put the berries (which have been hulled and washed) in a large pot with the sugar poured over top. Let stand overnight. Next Day: Add 1/4 cup of water and slowly bring the mixure to a boil. Simmer for 15-30 minutes. When done, pour into sterilized mason jars for processing while still hot.(Mom says to taste the berries to see if they are soft enough...YMMV)

Two of the best things in the world are bakeapple jam on plain cheesecake, and fresh bread which is spread with Fussell's Cream and bakeapple jam.

my mom

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