Bad Air. A plain English interpretation of the term Evil Spirit. Miasma

Evil = Harmful. Spirit = Breath of Life. Respiration = Breathing.
Carbon Monoxide, possibly combined with other asphyxiating gases, has the quickly progressing effects of hallucinations, specifically Haunted House Syndrome with the specific archetypical apparition effects. You see ghosts. You feel sick. You die. If your house is haunted, get a Carbon Monoxide detector immediately. Coal, Oil, and Kerosene smoke is a common cause of Haunted House syndrome.
Similar Phenomena:
Lamp Genie-Ancient Lamp Oil may release vapors. Volatile liquid vapors are also called Spirits, Mineral Spirits.
Bottle Genie-Genies from lamps or bottles may be directly interpreted as the means and effects of inhaling petroleum smoke or vapor.
Oracle of Delphi-Hypothetically intoxicated by natural gas coming up from a crack in the temple floor.
Ghosts-Unusual gas vapors may rarely actually appear in Infrared Photography, like smoke, if the gas vapor is not transparent to infrared light. If you can see ghosts then you are hallucinating.

As "bad air" is asphyxiating, one should not conjure evil spirits, especially the Grim Reaper. It is best to wait as long as possible before you quit breathing.

Warning: this information may inspire foolish, self-destructive ideas. Is the mental health of the world as bad as I think it is? Then this should go to Node Hell ASAP. I waited until after Halloween to write this.

This writeup is irrelevant in every way to Spirituality, Religion, and Atheism.

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