"We love the web"

Tricky to describe this one. B3TA pronounced beta is based at b3ta.com. It is home to a community of artists who enjoy photoshopping images in a comedy manner or creating weird games and animations on the web. The site hosts whatever people have photoshopped recently which frequently involves kittens. They send out weekly newsletter on Friday afternoons that goes out to about 61,000 people, it contains:

  • A weekly photoshop challenge
  • Stuff done by B3TA members - Flash games and anims
  • Weird stuff they've found on the web
  • Other stuff (like when they hijacked the Monday website)
It's full of stuff that makes for great viral emails.
There are loads of other sites that do a similar thing but B3ta is notable as the starting point for various animations that have ended up on the telly: From what I can gather B3ta is run by Rob Manuel and his mates from a pub in London.

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