Asthma and Swimming are two of the oddest things to hear put together to a non-asthmatic. Why would you want to do something which is so focused on being able to breathe, when you can't breathe to well to begin with?

Swimming is the best exercise for asthmatics. This is because the air above the water is fresh, and slightly above average humidity. The deep breathing require to swim helps get the moist air into your lungs, where it can do good things. The swimming is also great exercise on the ole breathing bags, I imagine because it forces the lungs open for an extended period of time. This may cause the mucus and phlegm in there to lose it's grip on the walls it is trying to hold together, and strengthen your diaphram muscle.

Odd trivia: never challenge an asthmatic to see who can hold their breath under water longer. The asthmatic will win and you will look very silly ;-) Remember, we are used to going days, weeks, lifetimes, on a shortened supply of oxygen. A very deep breath of air, combined with the non-breathability of water, makes us able to hold our breath that much longer. Unless of course the asthmatic is having an attack, and is swimming to rid themself of it.

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