Any time you get your rocks off with someone else's help, that would be an assisted orgasm (as opposed to a solo effort). If it was contact with someone else's genital, oral, rectal, mammary, manual or whatever other region, if you got help from someone else, that'd be an assisted orgasm.

I suppose this would be useful if you were trying to figure out some way to compute your seasonal stats and wanted to allow for a difference between the relative values of solitary masturbation and the more social sexual acts.

Of course, the next question would be: what sexual stats would be most useful? Especially if you were looking at numbers for an entire season. Would an assisted orgasm count for more or less if there was more than one person assisting? Would a season with high solo orgasm numbers be viewed as a "rebuilding year?" If you assisted more often that you received assistance, would the MVP voters still support you?

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