In the old barn, in whiskey crates, among the odds and ends of someone's life I found one pink and three yellow FLYBACK DISKs, made in Taiwan. Never used. The visual on the front showed a blonde young man throwing it and a disembodied half-arm almost catching it. The words THROW, FLYING, REVERSE, RISING UP, RETURN, RETURN, ending with CATCH make it appear to be half-frisbee, half-boomerang. Since it also said SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON BACK, I read the instructions. The picture and words on the back show a different configuration: THROW, FLYING, REVERSE, RISING UP, RETURN, CATCH, CATCH.

I happen to love lost-in-translation instructions on things. Who doesn't? If you don't, read the dead baby jokes, instead.


1. Put your fore finger on the indication Portion of "Thumb Holding Method" at the flat wing. In throwing it, you have the pointer of curve wing upward.

2. When you throw it side wise or upward, you have to throw it in oblique and upward direction.

3. When you face the head wind, please do your utmost effort to throw it upward eagerly.

4. When it comes back, it makes reverse turn near itsrising course.

5. Use your hands to hold it. Your finger inserts into the hole at its center and then grapple it down.


1. Please play it at the place where no tree exists and no electrical wires appear. The space is wide enough for the sport.

2. Do not throw it toward people or thing.

3. In its use, bear in mind the rules and requirements in regard to the article.

4. Please do not play it in strong wind.


  • When one grapple it behind his back, he wins 5 points.
  • When one grapple it at lower position with the rise of his one leg, he wins 4 points.
  • When he inserts his finger into hole at center and grapples it, he wins 3 points.
  • When he grapples it with single hand, he wins 2 points.
  • When he holds the flying disk with both hands, he wins 1 point.
  • When he can not hold it and allow it dropping to the ground, he loses 1 point.

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