A mythical substance proposed in a Dilbert cartoon. It is used to cure software engineering interns who are given too much work and go into a state of shock where their entire body seizes.

Though it's not real, the world really needs this stuff. The number one complaint of my University professors is that programs are too complicated. C++ programs have too many objects and suffer from multiple-inheritance insanity. Stressed students spend hours and hours writing functions, and then scrapping them for a slightly more elegant solutions, which are usually more difficult to implement, and result in negligible efficiency gains.

It's the energy of youth, and a desire to do things right, that causes students and interns to waste their time to achieve perfection when mediocrity is all that is required. Unless they can learn the art of apathy, the art of truly letting things slide, their increasing workload will crush them. In a perfect world, they would be left in peace to achieve their desires, and maybe they'd make better software in the process. Unfortunately, this can't happen in today's frantic workplace.

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