Aside of the personal level (that, of course, means a lot too), experiments (involving people doing nothing, running, yelling at each other and watching soft porn in different combinations) have shown that physical excitement is interpreted according to our current cognitive state. “Huh?”, you might say, and I say, “Yes – if we get our body going due to anger, we can enjoy the excitement sexually if we think about sex”. Of course, different people respond differently to anger, and for many this can be a serious turn-off.

Probably one of the neatest-looking filmic examples of this appears in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000). When Jen pursues Lo to get back her comb, their fight gradually becomes a lovemaking session. Probably the strangest part of the whole affair was when Jen spontaneously stabs Lo with a knife (which breaks in his shoulder) and then half a second later, they're kissing passionately with his blood dripping down their chests. A memorable image, to be sure.

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