A newsgroup dedicated to intense, coordinated trolling of other usegroups.
You could call it an army of trolls. These people actually planned the invasion and devastation of other newsgroups.

Some of their principles were (or maybe still are, I am afraid to ask) these, quoted from a FAQ:

                            * Invasion *

Each of us brings our own reasons, backgrounds and motivations into 
this scheme. What is important is that each individual brings into 
this their own brand of inspired mischief. In some ways it is 
completely innocent. In some ways it is completely destructive.

Anyone can walk into alt.sex and post that pornography should be 
banned. Anyone can walk into rec.sport.baseball and say "baseball 
sucks". It takes unbelievable skill and discipline to cause a 
PROLONGED flame war. That is what we do. But it can only be done with 
talent, and numbers to match that talent. We only bring into the fold 
people who have the knack to use smarts to incite chaos, not stupidity 
to incite being ignored when people see a post and know what you're up 
Flames and wars between groups are as old as Usenet. What we try to do 
is in many ways fundamentally different from what is or has been done 
in this area.
* Victory *

Ideally, signs of victory are the following:

o Our names appear in killfiles
o Majority or ALL threads in invaded newsgroup were started by us
o Regulars/legit people abandon invaded newsgroup
o Receive much hate mail - as does our SysAdmin
o To be reprimanded by the glorious SysAdmin

In one occasion in 1994, alt.syntax.tactical banded together with alt.tasteless to conduct an invasion of rec.pets.cats. The trolls (they were many) reduced the group to a shambles with posts about killing cats, eating cats and asking for cat meat recipes.
The cat lovers went insane, and the group was rendered unusable for quite a while, meeting the victory conditions outlined above.

The infamous yet amusing Everything April Trolls Day looked like an invasion (but it was just a silly prank by [The Management).

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