when i have to wake up at 6 am, i'm a little grumpy. if it's 6 am and i'm still awake, i'm all partied out. and since it is 6 am, there's no sense going to sleep. one hour will not sustain me, the adrenaline from staying awake all night is better. but that's not the point.

a very wise hedgehog once proclaimed that we should ban 6 am. it make so much sense. 6 am, is, by definition, eeeevil. like girls, but with more headaches.

7 am is a great time to wake up.
8 am is a great time to eat.
9 am is the earliest possible time to start work. anything earlier is ludicrous.
daytime hours are generally pretty good times. it's light out, the world is a happy place.
7 pm is when the night starts. 8 pm is the ideal time to pick someone up for a classy dinner date, or so i've been told.
anytime after that is a good sleeping time. up to, and including 5:59 am.

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