ais kacang is a delicious cold dessert which you can potentially purchase from restaurants and cafes around the world which serve Malaysian cuisine.

Shaved ice, flavoured syrup (example raspberry), palm sugar syrup, coconut milk, a variety of small sweet fruits and vegetables: such as attap seeds, red beans, and corn kernels (may also include small sized items of jelly).

Method of Creation
In a bowl place the small sweet fruits in a layer perhaps half an inch to an inch deep. Using an ice shaving machine shave ice into the bowl forming a peak which is higher than the rim of the bowl. Pour over syrup and milk.

Method of Eating
Using a spoon scoop and chew. Make sure that you don't eat plain ice unflavoured by the other ingredients. Make sure that you don't allow too much melt to accumulate, otherwise you get soup. In otherwords mix the ingredients which each scoop without stirring the entire mixture entirely. Nuts may be added on top.

Best Place to Eat
A small lane off Penang Road in Georgetown, Penang (Pulau Pinang), Malaysia. Stand in the middle of the lane holding your bowl and glare at the Mercedes gliding past as you chew and slurp.

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