So, if there is then
I have been all wrong
Wrapped up inside these songs, of
Crimson midnights
Sparkled promise
All such a bright shining lie
And God, do I love it
Speaking now of it
Nestle above it
Seeing right through it
And it's when I'm inside you
Cheap thrills, you're too cool
Throw me away
Just so I'll come out
Thorns for your rose
A crack in your floor
Eyes iced open space
The keys to your door
Tattooed with grace
Time must to show what we dare
In the games that we play
And in our falls, to be fair.

A better way to fall in love.

Not the quick and overwhelming
tumble into another human being
with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows
that comes as fast as it goes
but instead a slow and almost unnoticed
sinking into another human being
then waking up to realize
they have taken over your heart
and that you have taken over theirs
and that both of you have plans
to hold one another for a long, long time.

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