The last word in loutusFlow's stupid node of Three Letter Scrabble Words. I don't know what it means, and I'm not going to find out because I don't advocate lotusFlow's cut-and-paste technique. Sorry if I offend anyone, I'll look it up if you want...

Ok, somebody downvoted me. You asked for it...
Zuz, n.  A silver coin of ancient Palestine.
(According to the Chamber's 20th century dictionary. Maybe now as we're in the 21st century ZUZ is some acronym for something computer related, eg. Zany Userface Zapper or something.)

The American Heritage Dictionary says:
"An ancient Hebrew silver coin." and the etymology is apparently: "Mishnaic Hebrew zûz, from Aramaic, from Akkadian zuzu, half, division, unit of weight, from zâzu, to divide."

just in case anybody ever asked you...
I searched for "zuz" in google and found "about" 12,100 results. Obviously a hugely common word (but then again "zz" returned 934,000 results and that's not in the dictionary. So there.)
Zuz even has its own website! ( So I was wrong. Zuz is a great word and fully deserves to be in loutusFlow's amazingly comprehensive node of Three Letter Scrabble Words.

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