An aquatic race from the Zelda series. They were most significant in Zelda 64. In that game, they were basically humanoid with some fins (including a dolphin tail on their heads). The king is an exception to this, as he looked more like a very fat frog. They worship Lord Jabu Jabu, who is essentially a big fish with maze-like innards. The evil Ganon later froze the whole area over, a curse Link had to undo.

Like all of the girls in the game, the Zora princess has a crush on Link. Link appears less than thrilled about this.

Zora have the distinction of being cursed by a being who lives in the most annoying temple in the game. items found in their domain include blue fire, Zora tunic (which allows one to breathe underwater), iron boots, and eyeball frogs.

They are also the guardians of Hyrule's water, and will only allow you in if you play a specific song. As you can see, their security is rather lacking.

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