A character in Zelda 64. Link meets her early in the game on his way to Hyrule castle. She is just a child at the time (like Link) and asks him to go wake up her father. You can tell from the start that she is cool because she gives you a chicken (although, technically, they are called cuccos in the game).

She comes from Lon-Lon Farm, and with the song she teaches you it is possible to tame Epona, allowing you to acquire the horse later in the game. As an adult, after you save her farm, she will give you a cow of your very own if you complete a race in a given amount of time.

Like every female in the game, she has a crush on Link. How does she compare to his other suitors?
  • The Zora princess acts like a brat, ordering you to carry her around, and then saying that you will marry her.
  • Zelda gets captured by Ganondorf, making your task more difficult, and then stands by watching you fight him.
  • Saria has green hair and forever remains a little kid, so a relationship with her is probably illegal.
  • Malon gives you a cow.
If you ask me, there is no contest.

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