How To Formulate Your Zombie Plan: A Survival Guide

Ok, Well it has come to my attention that very few people in this world have a zombie plan. This is, in my opinion, quite unwise as the world could at any moment become filled with these walking dead and the few of us left alive will be the ones who were prepared. To this end I have decided to post up a step by step guide to the formation of your zombie plan and share a few of my own. Remember, the people with fire plans are more likely to survive and the same applies to a zombie uprising. Be Prepared.

The following are the Qualitative Characteristics of a good plan. These should be answered BEFORE you begin writing your actual plan as they will be vital in the planning stage.

1. Where Is Safe?

Consider the environment, climate, urban development and any other relevant factors in the area immediately around your home. Are there any potential safe havens in the area? A safe haven is any area where the zombie population is likely to be nil, is easy for a living person to enter, and cannot be easily entered by the undead populace. Examples include;

  • Attics: Provided you can lift the ladder up after you it is unlikely the zombies will find a way in, however scavenging is nigh impossible and viable attics are limited to rural areas (if there are other buildings adjacent the zombies may find a way above you and break in)
  • Single Entrance Underground Structures: These are easy to defend for long periods of time but are potential death traps as they have only one entrance (the entrance factor is explored later). This means that if you barricade yourself too heavily you cannot leave to scavenge.
  • Military Bases/ Installations: These will likely be equipped with supplies and be easy to defend against assault. Potentially the best of safe havens but you will need to know location of ALL entrances and have enough survivors in your group to man each of these entry points. There is also a risk of zombie or criminal (discussed later) habitation.

Remember: All plans have down sides. Defence, Supplies and Scavenging opportunities must all be weighed up and planning for every eventuality is necessary.

My Personal Choice: My zombie plan is based on the protection provided by water. My preferred safe haven is a military aircraft carrier, but any boat will do. Boats equipped with a heli-pad are large, providing a great deal of space for supplies, equipment and survivors. Are equipped with fuel stores and often a Seahawk class military helicopter, this allows for scavenging expeditions onto land. However, seeing as I lack the expertise to man a sea vessel or helicopter it would require a large trained crew to be among the survivors.

2. Who Are You With?

Less can be said about this; however it is a vital aspect of any plan. Examine your skills and the skills of those who live close to you (as it is likely you will band together with them). Every skill is useful in the correct situation; use each person’s skills to discuss who will be responsible for what. I.e. someone who is a paintballveteran is likely to be a good shot and should therefore be given any rifles you manage to obtain.

3. What Do You Have?

What supplies do you own and what supplies are in the immediate vicinity. Ammo, Guns, Food, Vehicles, Fuel, Building Materials, all things have a use in a survival situation and the uses are only limited by your own ingenuity. Write a list of everything you have and find a use for it all. With these uses in mind, determine you can develop a more detailed plan.

Making The Plan

Ok, now you have the background information (If you have thought of any other relevant information that will also be useful). Now you need to formulate your plan. However I feel I should mention a few relevant points which may influence your decisions.

  • Entrance Factor: This is a simple mathematical process (OK there is no actual math) which is useful for looking at the defence of real estate. Basically for each entrance you have there is another place which needs to be watched at all times for zombie brake in, however for each entrance you also have an exit point, a place for escape in the event of a brake in. Therefore you should have 1 entrance per 3 people (giving time to sleep) but larger ratios are preferable.

  • Criminals: As it is unlikely that a law enforcement system will exist in the event of a zombie cataclysm many people will work on the "survival of the fittest" or "every man for himself" principles. These man/women may be alone but more often in groups with others of their ilk. These people are the ones who will kill you for your supplies and should be avoided at all costs. A useful (but not always accurate) method of identifying criminals is that they might be carrying large amounts of 'loot' from stores in metropolitan areas, this stolen jewellery may identify criminals as few others will be interested at lining their pockets when survival is at stake.

  • Groups: No matter how skilled you are if you choose to try it on your own you will eventually die, constant vigilance is limited to how long you can stay awake. As the whole point of this is to prevent unnecessary deaths I feel I should advise strongly against this. Team up with your friends, family, or anyone else you meet and you increase the chance of individual survival as groups can be sent out to scavenge while the rest either sleep or guard your HQ.

  • Military: The militaries of the world will be the most prepared and equipped to deal with a zombie out break and as such instructions received from the military take precedence over any personal plans. Aid the military with your cooperation and you will have the best chance of survival.

Ok, Now Plan Your Plan. Be a survivor: Be Prepared and Don't Panic.
As I said before I have some of my own plans to share if you need further insight.
  1. Sea Is The Saviour: I will make my way onto a large sea vessel with a helipad assist in the setup of a mobile, seafaring survivor convoy. Using the helicopter to conduct scavenging expeditions onto hard ground for supplies.

  2. Held them in it will hold them out: I will set up a HQ at a high security prison, using the supplies and design of the prison to provide the best security for the group holding up inside. And the armoured trucks for high profile criminals will make very secure scavenging vehicles.

  3. Greater Than Me: I will make my way to a secure military facility and provide assistance where I can. I believe the military have their own plan and therefore will keep survivors alive far longer than any other private or government agency.

Yes I did name them. What are you gonna do about it?

Good Luck

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