Zoetica Ebb

An unauthorized but appreciative biography written by a total stranger

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Zoetica Ebb is a Russian-American genius in the various areas of multimedia. Born in the late 1970s or early 1980s in Moscow when Russia was still a part of the Soviet Union, her family emigrated to the United States when Zoetica (a pseudonym; her birth name is a mystery to all but a few, it seems) was a young girl. They settled in Los Angeles where she dove headlong into multiple creative endeavors, becoming adept at multiple forms of art by the age of seven and later attending Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, graduating in 1999, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating in 2001. She's been known around the world (to the right sort of people) since around 2005 due to her prolific creative works.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, Zoetica is an artist with pen-and-ink and paint gallery showings under her belt (mostly in LA); a graphics artist and designer, similarly exhibited (also in LA and NYC); a magazine editor and publisher (Coilhouse Magazine); a fashion model and clothing designer (e.g., her GHST RDR line of gothic professional clothing for women; a professional photographer (for SuicideGirls, Zivity and a host of others); a blogger and photoblogger; a globetrotting cosmonaut pixie, spreading creative magic wherever she appears; a makeup and hair artist; a (former) columnist for SuicideGirls, for whom she also worked as a photographer; a journalist, photojournalist and videojournalist (The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing, RedBull's Chinashop Magazine, Haute Macabre, ...); the founder of the D4RT initiative, which aims to bring art education to impoverished areas around the world, most recently (2011) to Yantaló, Peru; and a television personality (largely on G4 TV, but in a few other things as well) and actress in an underground film or two. I'm sure I'm missing some things here (e.g., she takes commissions for tattoo design), but it's a lot to take in!

Zoetica maintains an equally prolific presence on the web:

Additionally, a Google Image Search for her name brings up seemingly infinite amounts of photos of Zoetica, either candid selfies, professional modeling, attending events, and generally just doing her thing—being magical—in that way that only she can. I can't get Pinterest to let me login right now, but if you search for "zoetica" there, you'll be treated to thousands of pictures of her ever-changing hair. Even in the occasional just-out-of-bed selfie, she looks amazing. She's an absolute wizard with her hair and the hair of others she's commissioned to styling, and her skills as a makeup artist allow her to look virtually flawless at all times—at least, in photos—I have never met her. Nevertheless, from my ivory tower, she appears to be, in all respects, the kind of person that almost anyone would greatly benefit from knowing, or even from casually encountering online, where much of her work is visible for all to see.

Zoetica also seems to be a good person. You know? Someone nice and personable, with a Faustian gift for art. Several people have contacted her (publicly!) on Tumblr with thoughts of suicide, asking her for advice as someone looked-up-to and many of those cases resulted in a phone call to the distressed person. She receives countless compliments on just about every place online she frequents and responds in kind. At first glance you might think she'd be intimidating, being so gorgeous and seemingly magical, but evidently the complete opposite is true. At least, I've never read a cruel word about her since discovering her works in 2007 on SuicideGirls. Following her Tumblr (most recently), it's obvious that she's really one in a million, personality-, talent- and beauty-wise.

I am convinced of the fact that she is one of the most beautiful people in the world. I mean, honestly!

Though I lack any artistic ability, I'm greatly inspired by her works in all fields. Just knowing that she's out there, being this wonderful person, is a part of what keeps me sane in a not-always-sane world. If, before reading this, you were unfamiliar with her, I recommend following her on any of the sites listed above. The things she writes, the imagery she creates and the sense of joy that comes from reading and seeing these things is enough to provide daydreamery and fleeting bliss, improving life at what seems like exactly the right moment.

As Zoetica has said on Biorequiem, "[...] life is as beautiful as we make it." And so it is.

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A note for the lovely Zoetica Ebb, should she come across this somewhere in the cosmos:

We've never met (and likely never will), but you answered an anonymous Tumblr thank-you note I sent you back in July 2013, limited to 160 characters. This is the unlimited version, non-anonymous and intended for mass consumption. This site is mostly where I call home, and I decided I couldn't let it go on any longer with adding a silhouette of you here for others to find and maybe become as happily awestruck as I am. As this URL will end up in a few of your referrer logs, I suspect you'll notice it, but I hope you don't mind this being here. If you do, I'll remove it sans complaint, post-haste. Please tweet at me if you don't like it, or (who knows?) if you like it and want anything added that I missed. It isn't often I write here about people with the expectation that the subject will notice what I've written, hence my hesitancy about posting this, but I figured... make it beautiful. ... And I wanted to make it better than the scant article on you over at Wikipedia.

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