Although Zoe Rei is not the pioneer in flavoring lambanog they were the first to make it popular in the Philippines. Initially just produced by a chemist in his home lab and packaged in cleaned second hand tanduay bottles, there were rumors that it caused blindness. Filipinos love rumor mongering and next to that they love to copy and counterfeit popular products. As it turns out, it actually was quite safe to drink, did not cause blindness and quite drinkable. People then started counterfeiting it. Zoe Rei had to device a sealing system as soon as they realized that a lot of counterfeits of their product started to circulate.

Their flagship product is the blue colored Bubble Gum Flavored lambanog although they also have all the flavors of the rainbow.

My one suspicion is that it might actually not be true lambanog but rather a form of gin because of its laboratory origin. And with the kind of flavoring they use, you can't really tell. Also if you consider the price they sell it per 750 ml bottle (45 .ph pesos) and the price per bottle of pure ordinary lambanog (45 .ph pesos) it does not add up. $1:Php52 as of today.

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