A candy bar made with almond nougat, caramel, and bits of peanuts, and all covered with the good stuff.

Addictively good, but rough on the teeth.

This candy bar is made by Hershey. It was originally called the Double Zero Bar, but the name was changed in the year 1934. Thanks to Chiisuta for giving me the information on the year of the name change, and the original name, as well as the fact that it is almond nougat, which I didn't know existed. But come to think of it, we can have coffee flavored ice cream, can't we?

"Try this unique combination of caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered in delicious white fudge."
- Hersheys.com

The Double Zero Bar was launched in 1920 by the remains of the Pratt and Langhoft Candy Company, which had been purchased by the FA Martoccio Macaroni Company of Minneapolis nine years earlier. In 1933 the manufacturer was renamed Hollywood Brands Inc and a year later the Double Zero Bar was renamed ZERO.

In 1967 Hollywood Brands was bought by Consolidated Foods Corporation and continued to operate under the Hollywood Brands name until 1988 when it was purchased by Huhtamaki Oy of Helsinki, Finland and became part of Leaf, Inc.

In 1996 the Hershey Foods Corporation acquired the confectionery operations of Leaf North America and became the new owner of the ZERO candy bar.

The Name
Although there's no definitive origin of the name "ZERO", Hershey's says it comes from an advertising campaign that promoted the bar as a cool, tasty treat. Specific advertising used slogans like "as cool as zero degrees". Boxes of ZERO bars were coloured a dark, cold blue and decorated with snow flakes. Frozen candy bars were a popular idea at the time and ZERO was often sold frozen.

The Hershey Foods company prefers the name ZERO to appear in all capital letters.

The Hershey's website mentions that this "candy bar has developed a very loyal consumer base". They say that since 1931 the ZERO bar has had what some would call a "cult following", although they don't say why the year 1931 is important.

A cult following and loyal consumer base are usually indicators that a product is consistently popular with a relatively small following, but not widely popular enough to stock at every grocery store across the country. It could be that the white fudge is often assumed to be white chocolate but doesn't quite taste right. And the inside of the bar looks like chocolate but is actually malted nougat, which is surprisingly different in taste and texture when you're expecting chocolate.

ZERO is available for purchase online from a variety of sources. On average, a box of 24 will cost $18 US. Individual bars can be purchased for $0.79-$1.00 US each. Plus shipping and applicable taxes, of course.

Nutritional Information
Serving Size - 1 bar (52 g / 1.85oz)
Total Calories 240
   Calories from Fat 80
Total Fat 9g
   Saturated Fat 6g
   Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 100mg
Total Carbohydrate 36g
   Dietary Fiber >1g
   Sugars 30g
Protein 3g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6%
Iron 2%

ZERO is approved by the Orthodox Union of Jewish Congregations of America. Kosher status: OUD (Orthodox Union Dairy).


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