A game to be played while reading a book of Zen Buddhist dialogues. A good book to use would be Zen's Chinese Heritage, which includes several thousand of the dialouges. In keeping with the Fourth Precept and in honor of Bodhidharma, drink tea, not alcohol, while playing this game.

The rules are simple, every time one of these things happen, take a sip:

Take a gulp every time
  • The first ancestor's journey from the West is mentioned.
  • A student tries to shout in answer to the master
  • Someone gets slapped.
Take a large gulp everytime
  • A monk gets slapped for trying to use a master's own technique, like a shout or slap, against a master.
  • Someone writes some poetry.
  • Someone experiences sudden enlightment
And, if you yourself experience sudden enlightment, finish your drink.

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