Brand Name: Zemplar®
Active Ingredient: paricalcitol
Strength(s): 5mcg/ml
Dosage Form(s): Injection
Company Name: Abbott Laboratories
Availability: Prescription only
Dated Approved by FDA: April 17, 1998

What is Zemplar used for?
Zemplar is used to prevent and treat high parathyroid hormone levels in patients with chronic kidney failure.
Who should not take Zemplar?
You should not take Zemplar if you have signs of toxic levels of vitamin D or an abnormally high amount of calcium in your blood.
It is important for you and your doctor to be aware of the symptoms of too much calcium, (e.g., weakness, headache, excessive sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, muscle spasm or bone pain).
If you have these symptoms, your doctor may want to lower the dose of Zemplar or stop the drug until your calcium level returns to normal.
Possible side effects of Zemplar?
Not feeling well
Increase frequency or pounding of heart
Dry mouth
Blood in stool
General swelling

More Information Can Be Found At: www.fda.gov/cder or on the package insert.

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