A fictional character created by George Lucas for the film Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Played by Australian actress Leeana Walsman.

Zam Wessel was a legendary bounty hunter prior to the fall of the Old Republic. She is a shape-shifting Clawdite, also known as a Changeling by some, who prefers to stay in the form of a female human. She has quick reflexes and is a very powerful opponent, considered second best to the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Jango Fett. Zam however, is more compassionate and kind hearted than Jango, but that doesn't stop her from being completely ruthless. Zam totes a stylish leather jerkin as armor, a cloth to conceal her face, numerous blasters, a long rifle.

As most people know, Zam met her untimely death during a mission when she was prepared to reveal the name of her employer. She was struck by a toxic dart in the neck by Jango Fett, who feared she would endanger the mission and reveal him. Unknown except by few though, is that she had an extensive history and an impressive record with Fett. The pair's first stated meeting was during a freak coincidence, when Zam's client was the target of Fett, and Fett's client was the target of Zam. Each of their clients were murdered by each other and neither of them got pay. The meeting was rough and unfriendly, but both managed to leave unharmed. Their next meeting was because both bounty hunters were hired to retrieve a force-sensitive artifact. They fought over the prize for a while, and Zam ended up getting into a situation with one of the local aliens. Fett rescued her, and from then on they became allies. Fett was not yet ready to admit her as a "friend".

Fett and Zam teamed up several times after this occasion, and Zam's skill of persuasion even convinced Fett to save the world...for free! Zam was the only person other than Boba Fett who brought out the human side in Jango and the two even formed a semi-intimate relationship, though Fett never admitted it. Zam visited Fett regularly on the watery planet of Kamino and had become very good friends with Boba. It was with great reluctance and sadness that Jango had to terminate her life on Coruscant that night.

Zam fell to her ally, and as she died, she revealed her true Clawdite form, a scaly lizard-like humanoid.

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