Track 2 from Conduit 4's This Side of Up. Noded with permission.

I see Zeke every morning on the street
They're all calling him a freak
It's no wonder that he's beat
He's not a rebel but he wants to be
He wants a razor at his wrist
And a partial lobotomy

Unascertainable are all the reasons why
Everybody in the town's
Afraid to look him in the eye
And every couple weeks he gets in trouble
With the feds
He looks them straight in the eyes
And he says

"You know what I want
You heard what I said
You don't want to see what's inside my head
I've done it before
I'll go my own way
10 years I'll still be where I am today"

Jake takes the opinion that it's fate
All the choices that he makes
Everybody takes the bait
What he says is what's gotta be
Any authority's a threat to his autonomy

You think you know it all, man
You'd like to think you're cool
I know below it all man
You're dead wrong

Even I gotta know the reason why
Everybody's gotta try it sometime
Even I know when it's time to say goodbye
And I'll look you in the eye
And I'll say
It's time to leave

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