Conduit 4 is a 4-man avant-garde alternative rock group based out of Kent, Ohio. They consist of Mike Watson on lead vocals and guitar, Biff Bucks on bass, Will Ullinger on the drums, and Mark Sowers doing backup vocals and percussion (mainly congas).

They released a 4-song demo called "80 If We're Lucky" in January 2001, and after a year and a half produced their first full-length album, This Side of Up, in May of 2002, and are currently getting ready to release a second album tentatively titled Knowing the Fish. They have played at many different venues in the Kent area, as well as a few gigs in Pennsylvania. Their music has been featured on local radio stations.

Their style has garnered many comparisons, from "an angry Dave Matthews", "Alice in Chains feelin' the funk", and they have been called "Gerbil Rock".

Conduit 4 is now known as Sneakthief. The name change occured simultaneously with the release of their second full-length CD, entitled "Sneakthief".

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