I'm founding my own country. In order to prevent certain very predictable disasters like annexation, it will be based on a small island, lacking natural resources, with minimal fresh water. This makes it less tempting to overbearing foreign powers like Tonga as a possible site for colonization. Far away from civilization, multiple species of indigenous predators will guard the safety of my new republic. If at all practicable, it should be surrounded by large and dangerous rocks, which would make approaching the island nigh on impossible. I'd also like lasers and a bunker in the mountain; I'll have to look at our budget.

Because democratic regimes' various flaws, which tend to subvert the will of the people (i.e. Condorcet Paradox, Arrow's impossibility theorem and a bunch of other things that people with the inclination and some common sense can figure out) the illusion of popular government should continue, but law and order will be maintained by a convenient oligarchy. Who knows? We might even call it an ad-hocracy just for laughs. The original founders will probably constitute the ruling class for some time, so you had better buy in early to ensure that you have a satisfactory degree of control.

Because of preference falsification, all conversations must be submitted in contract form, exposing those with an intent to misrepresent their beliefs to prosecution in accordance with the minimalistic, coherently-libertarian justice system. Since this raises the cost of communicating, it should limit the dull, mind-numbingly boring and eye-gougingly frustrating social interactions to a minimum.

Part of our social agreement will be the outlawing counter-productive escalation of social signals (the somewhat arbitrary ends of the spectrum being makeup as least dangerous and college degrees at the other,) which will harm the small number of people who would benefit by misrepresentation of personal facts or the skewing of information curves, but will greatly increase total utility for the entire population. No one shall be allowed to begin a career unsuitable to them and detrimental to the rest of society simply because they anticipate pay-offs commensurate with their success in that field.

Also, all accordions and cheap, plastic recorders are banned, violinists must undertake an hermetic apprenticeship for 2 years, unless their master can vouch that they are capable of producing sounds that do not resemble the sound of ligaments breaking, caterwauling felines careening through the air at high speed, or the implosion of a magnetic train. Which I'm sure everyone -- besides a small (and so non-existent) automatically-disenfranchised minority -- will agree with. Poets should try out their new pieces on each other, rather than forcing us to experiment along with them.

I haven't come up with a satisfactory solution for dealing with children, perhaps we should all dope with prolactin and endorphin* in the interest of continuing the project for multiple generations.


*Endorphins are not actually the things that come from running (at least not just,) those are endocannabinoids, which are like natural marijuana. Though that is a bit like saying that acetylcholine is like natural nicotine, it's sort of the wrong way around.
Which brings me to my main point, ignore any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors, I wrote this when tired, which -- as a practical approximation -- is for me the same thing as being under the influence.

...and for anyone that thinks that I have the temerity to compare myself to Thomas More and write Utopia 2.0 ..it's okay.... you don't need to tell me; I know that I'm seriously outgunned :)

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