I recently had the pleasure or being invited to a Hindu Temple here in San Antonio by my buddy Nymph- o, where H.H. Sri Swami satchidananda spoke about religion. This is a quote from the Swami, otherwise known as swamiji (pronounced swah-me-g).

"Your mind is cold milk" was spoken in the context of a scale of enlightenment being compared to making butter (the old-fashioned churning style) . The path to enlightenment starts with cold milk, aka your mind in the first, simplest state of being. Then, as you grow spiritually and gain wisdom your mind becomes yogurt as the cold milk is churned. After the yogurt is churned awhile, butter is eventually made. Butter is the metaphor for the final state of enlightenment, where your mind is pure and in its final incarnation. When you are butter you float, you are no longer with the water, or in other words, the rest of society. It's the ultimate enlightenment. However, should you be on a false path, your mind will become margarine, or perhaps even I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

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