The second solo album by Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, released in 1982, this was his final attempt at building a more rewarding career for himself than touring with the band forever playing setlists chosen by Mike Love.

After it failed like his previous, eponymous solo, he rejoined the band, and it's not too difficult to read a double meaning into lines like 'We toy with Love, but we play a futile game' and 'If I could talk with Love I'd say/Have it your way, Love, have it your way'.

Most of the original songs, like with his previous album and his work on The Beach Boys '85 were co-written with Myrna Smith-Schilling, but unlike his previous album, this contains several cover versions, along with One More Night Alone, written by Beach Boys backing band member Billy Hinsche (formerly of Dino, Desi And Billy) - the undoubted highlight of the album


  1. What More Can I Say
  2. She's Mine
  3. Givin' You Up
  4. One More Night Alone
  5. Rockin' All Over The World
  6. What You Do To Me
  7. Youngblood
  8. Of The Times
  9. Too Early To Tell
  10. If I Could Talk To Love
  11. Time

Incidentally, Time is not the same as the song of the same title on Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue.

The album is currently unavailable.
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