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Yomoda Chisa is the girl who jumps from the building and commits suicide at the beginning of the series. Afterwards, the kids at her school (including Lain) recive an email from her saying that "I just abandoned my body. I still live here..." Most find this message strange and dismiss it as a prank, but Lain becomes curious and delves deeper into the Wired.

Spoiler Alert!
Chisa held one of the show's two extreme views on the relationship between the Wired and Reality. Chisa belived that the Wired was more real than the real world: she killed herself to escape reality and live solely on the Wired. On the other hand, Tachibana Labs believed the opposite: the real world was "more real". By exploring the Wired and it's society, Lain discovers that neither viewpoint is true: Both the wired and physical realities are "real", that we need to connect on both levels.

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