Yogi's Space Race was a 1970s animated cartoon block produced by Hanna-Barbera which ran from 1978-1979. Thanks to Star Wars, kids were crazy about anything related to outer space adventures with high-tech gadgets, weird aliens, robots, and spaceships.

The title segment was an update of Wacky Races and featured several teams of competitors racing on various planets and galaxies the teams were:

*Yogi Bear and Scare Bear: Scare Bear was Yogi's new sidekick, replacing his classic sidekick, Boo Boo. Scare Bear (voiced by Joe Besser) was easily frightened and nervous by almost everything.

*Huckleberry Hound and Quack-up: The lovable laid-back blue country dog and a new character, a crazy duck voiced by Mel Blanc (sort of a throwback to Daffy Duck in his "crazy" incarnation of the 1930s)

*Jabberjaw and Buford: the friendly shark who previously had his own series, and Buford, a hound dog.

*Nugget Nose, Wendy, and Rita: Nugget Nose was the ghost of a gold prospector from the old west with a nose that resembles a gold nugget. Wendy and Rita are his teenage human companions.

*Captain Good and Klean Kat AKA Phantom Phink and Sinister Sludge: A descendent of Doctor Jekyll, the honest, sportsmanly Dudley Do-Right-esque Good and his feline companion are in reality the Dick Dastardly-like Phink and his mangy dog, who like cheating and being evil.

Other segments were:
*Galaxy Goof-ups featuring Yogi, Huck, Scare Bear, and Quack-up as space police officers who like disco dancing.

*The Buford Files, starring Buford the hound dog solving mysteries with two teenagers.

*The Galloping Ghost about the adventures of Nugget Nose, Wendy and Rita.

Only 13 episodes were made, reruns later aired on USA Cartoon Express, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang.

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