The Yamaha MD8 is a relatively inexpensive mini-studio for the budget-minded musician. It features 8 tracks on a data MiniDisc, and it is digitally recorded. You can record 8 simultaneous tracks, individual tracks, or ping-pong tracks down to one or more, which would allow you to record more music over it, like adding background vocals to a session.

Because the recording is digital, you can get precise editing of tracks, fast searching and location of sections, and quick punch in/out using a footswitch with up to 99 takes. A large jog/shuttle wheel and a bright flourescent display help to navigate through the features swiftly. The MD8 also features MIDI in/out/thru jacks along with balanced and unbalanced inputs.

For the really budget-minded musicians, Yamaha also made an MD4, which recorded four simultaneous tracks.

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