Yaldabaoth is the noun used to refer to the Hebrew deity YHWH in the Gnostic text "On the Origin of the World".

The story of Yaldabaoth's birth goes like this:
There exists the eternal realm of light where all the gods live. Outside of it is there is the shadow, or darkness. The shadow sensed that there was something greater than it, and it engendered jealousy. Jealousy was "born" but it was an abortion, here abortion means something born which has no sprit in it (the soulless). The birth of jealousy by the abyss was accompanied by birth waters. This is the archetypical "waters" which is referred to in many creation myths. Pistis Sophia then had a look around, she formed a likeness out from the waters which would rule over the waters. Now here, it needs to be explained that The Waters is what we know as "matter". That is, a material god was fashioned to rule over matter. To the Gnostics, matter is inherently bad and a result of a defect. After Pistis Sophia formed this ruler she said to him: "Child pass through to here", in the text the supposed equivalent is "yalda baoth". With this gesture she was asking him to come to the eternal realm. This was the first act of verbal expression. Sadly, Yaldabaoth was ignorant of the existence of Pistis Sophia, all he saw was his own reflection in the waters. He mistook the voice for his own, and from then on referred to himself as "Yaldabaoth". Then he went about creating the world. After he was done he boasted the famous boast: "I have no need of anyone. It is I who am God, and there is no other on that exists apart from me." This made Pistis Sophia really angry, so she swore to create beings in Yaldabaoth's image who would destroy his work (creation), these beings are mankind.

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