Yaddle first appears in The Phantom Menace as a Jedi Council member, holding the title of Jedi master. She is of the same species as Yoda, a diminuitive, greenskinned alien race. Only about half Yoda's age, Yaddle is 447 at the time of the movie, and is young enough she still has a full head of sandy brown hair. Although Yaddle is lightsabre-proficient, she's less action-oriented than most of her fellow Council members. She prefers teaching and maintaining the Jedi Library over mediating disputes, uncovering immoral politics and acutal battlefield action. Yaddle is said to have trained under a powerful master, and has trained a good many Padawan to full Knighthood. Many rumors abound about this very quiet, softspoken woman, but no one is sure just quite how many are true and how many just legend.


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