Xscorch is a rewrite of Scorched Earth for *NIXes by Justin Smith.

As in Scorched Earth, the idea is simple: You and the opponents are sitting in/beside tanks/turrets/cannons on mountainy terrain (shown from the side), and try to shoot each other using all sorts of ballistic ideas, weird weapons and things like that - before you get killed. The winners get money with which to buy more stuff with.

While XScorch doesn't have all of the features of Scorched Earth (no parachutes, for example, and no sound effects of any kind!), it has most of them - and everything that's needed for jolly good fun. You can punish fellow humans or computer players (network support also included) using variety of missiles; nuclear weapons of all kinds are also included. The nuke arsenal includes the classic Funky Bomb (one big blast and several randomly dispersed smaller ones) and Death's Head (the nuke with many HUGE warheads)... and the Annihilator that blows away half of the screenful of dirt. Some other weapons like napalm (of course!) are there, and as a welcome addition there's a Death's Head-like firebomb called Black Rain that doesn't really help the opponent to quit smoking...

XScorch has, as noted, a computer player - and like in Scorched Earth, the tank drivers, both AI ones and the humans, can also yell interesting comments (such as "I shall oil my turret with your blood") to other players. =)

All in all, a game that is a lot of fun, even when it's not all that glittery. If you haven't played XScorch (or Scorched Earth), you don't know what "overkill" means.)

Home page: http://chaos2.org/xscorch/
Also available as a Debian package.

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