A TV program based on XL from NRK Petre, in a talkshow / music format. Originally, the letters XL ment 'eXtra Lars', since the show was hosted by mr. Lars Giske. He quit the show after a year and Espen Thoresen took over his job as the main host. The show quickly turned very weird and very funny. Espen really liked to confuse americans with prank calls to the NSA, CIA and The Pentagon. They were rather innocent, but funny nonetheless. The show started as a radio program, but some bright mind though about filming it and sending it as a TV program as well. Eventually, XLTV would be the only radio program to win the national award for best TV program... The show was on from 1995 to 1999.

Later in the series Kristopher Schau from Gartnerlosjen joined as a co-host in the show. He started the sub-series "Hva med dette?" ("How about this?"), a series dedicated to new combinations of food. Like chilled fish with marzipan coating, complete with decorations and everything. They also experimented with rather nasty things like blowing a dead rat into pieces in a microwave and other such things.

Even later, Atle Antonsen and Johan Golden joined. They were mainly creative minds behind the show, but after a while they appeared more and more in the show. Atle has a fetish for power tools and would experiment a lot with drills, power saws and cement mixers. He once tried to tender some meat using a steam roller. The meat got very, very, very tender. Atle and Johan would later start up a political party called DPP.

The guys from XLTV had a stand-up tour in Norway, and made legends of themselves when they "untrashed" a hotel room. Instead of smashing the room to pieces, they carefully disassembeled everything in the room, furniture, lamps, cupboards, desks, sink, anything that wasn't molded together. They then carefully put the nuts, bolts and screw in labeled plastic bags so nothing got lost. This took a whole night, and they played constructions-site sound effects on a portable CD player while doing it, thus keeping the hotel personel puzzled.

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