XEvil is a violent side-view platform game for UNIX (X11) and (now) Windows. Only the Windows version currently has sound.

The name originated from the tradition of starting X11 program names with X, but nowadays is read as "eXtremely evil" or any number of obvious derivatives of this. It is currently licensed under the GPL.

The whole idea of the game is basically to kill everything with a wide variety of weapons - as well as the "standard" weapons (eg hand-to-hand combat, guns) there are also a lot of more entertaining weapons (eg the Soul-Swapper and Doppelganger).

From the documentation: You sinned in life. And now you must pay. Satan pits the recently deceased against each other to fight for rank in Hell. Your skill determines your fate for all eternity. This contest is known as XEvil.

There are many different player types, each with different abilities: eg the Ninja who can hang onto walls and ceilings and the Chopper Boy who can fly.

There are six styles of play:

The levels are all randomly generated and include such things as walls, platforms, ladders, doors and elevators. Weapons and drugs are scattered about the levels.

Networked multiplayer is supported over TCP/IP, and includes support for in-game chat.

It was first released on July 26, 1994. It was written by Steve Hardt and ported to Windows by Mike Judge.


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