Marvel Comics' relaunched X-Force title. Written by Peter Milligan and illustrated by Mike Allred, X-Statix presents mutants in a different light. Whereas the mutants of X-Men were feared and reviled by society, here the mutants were treated as celebrities, the team itself a merchandise machine.

The team features a frequently changing roster as members will die in combat. However, the following characters have cemented their place in the title's history:Guy Smith: aka The Orphan and Mister Sensitive He is the nominal leader of the group and is plagued by extreme bouts of depression. His extremely heightened senses require the use of a special suit designed by Professor X.U-Go Girl: Edie Sawyer The alpha-female of the group, her dying words include the new name for the superteam. She is a teleporter.The Anarchist: Tike Alicar Arguably second-in-command and often vying for leader status, he recently achieved this. His sweat acts as a sort of acid which he can channel through his hands.Vivisector: Myles Alfred Harvard educated mutant capable of transforming into a "wolfman" who can rip through steel with his claws and teeth. He is a homosexual, but not withPhat: Billy Bob Reilly . . . who is also a homosexual. Raised in a trailer park, he takes to the streets and can be described as a wigger. He possesses a control over his skin and his . . . fat.Dead Girl: Her past is unknown, but has the advantage of already being dead and being able to pull herself back together after being blasted to shreds.Venus Dee Milo: She is pure energy and requires a special suit to contain her. She is U-Go Girl's replacement in that she too is a transporter.Doop: The backbone of X-Statix, he is the cameraman on all of their missions. He can levitate and he also speaks Doop-speak.

There are no definitive villains in this series as the majority of the conflicts are kept within the group. Internal struggle is also a major component of the book as these mutants deal with celebrity, who they once were and what it means to be a hero.

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