Writhe and Shine is a comic strip which draws on the personal experiences of the author, Robert Tritthardt, in the New Orleans goth scene. Tritthardt makes fun of tourists, other goths, inane patrons who enter the DJ booth to make stupid requests or suggestions (the DJ's lusers), and "normal people". The strip, of course, trancends the boundaries of its main focus on several occasions.

The main character is Writhe, a guy who shows up in New Orleans with nothing to lose and lands a job DJing at the Bastille, a goth club. His eyes glow and he has no mouth, giving him an unshakeable resemblance to one of the Protoss. He begins hang out with Shine, who looks like he could be one of Writhe's relatives. Shine, a regular at the club, spends most of his time sitting at the bar and wondering why he sits at the bar so much, among other things...

Writhe and Shine is serialized at opi8.com

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