A common cliché in beauty contests. When asked what they want to do in the future, contestants often answer "I want to work with people", to show how kind-hearted they are.

Maybe I'm too cynical, but believe me, from what I hear, ranging from my aunt working in children's day care, fellow geeks in tech support, and friends working as cashiers, working with people really ain't that great.

Don't misunderstand me - making an effort and doing unselfish acts is great! But the sad fact is that despite how much you love people, people won't necessarily love you back for it.

So when choosing your future, remember this: Just because you're person who's great with people, people are not necessarily great with you.

Most of the people mentioned above have changed occupation since, and claimed that their lives have become better when they stopped passing the frustrations and anger of their customers on to their families.

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