“What a great way to start this day!

I got an email from U.S.A. Book News telling me that etouffee's book Words May Go has been chosen as an Award-Winning Finalist in the “Poetry: General” category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards”.

The title will be listed live on USABookNews.com for an additional ten (10) months.

The 2014 USA Best Book Awards brought in over 2000 entries, their biggest year since starting this program in 2004.

A major publicity campaign announcing the award results is already underway and will continue throughout the holiday season. A national press release will be blasted out next week to 200,000+ media outlets and publishing industry contacts.

Not bad for a first collection!

Quill and Parchment will be reviewing Words May Go in the December issue.

Poetry anthology by t. wagner, better known to us Everythingians as etouffee. It was published in 2014 by Quill and Parchment Press of Los Angeles. 

If you're like most of us on E2, you've been reading and enjoying wagner's poetry for years, and it's honestly really nice to know this collection exists. We need more Everythingians with their own books out there. 

wagner specializes in short poetry, simple but focused like a laser, mostly dwelling on nature and romance. His work is far from flowery, though -- his poetry is stripped-down and spare, letting a minimum of words carry the weight of several paragraphs.

It still gets its way into your heart and your head, though, the way all great poetry is supposed to. It's very much like someone pitching a brick wrapped in wildflowers through your living room window. wagner's poetry has incredible impact and beauty, with serious punch and power. The book is full of great poetry, and it's a fast read, too -- but if you're doing poetry right, you'd better be reading it slow

Much of the poetry in this collection comes from works that are also on E2. You can read 'em here and give 'em upvotes and chings, which is good, but you can also read 'em in book form, and that's good, too -- partly because it's good for your soul to own and read poetry books, and partly because buying one of etouffee's books means he gets a little money he can put into building his Empire of Poetry. We all want to live in the Empire of Poetry, don't deny it. 

Now here's the rough thing for us -- getting this book isn't as easy as clicking an Amazon link and paying with your credit card. The book is still in print in limited copies, but it's not available from Amazon. You'll have to go to the Quill and Parchment website (scroll to the bottom for payment info) and then pay the publisher through Venmo or a check in the old-fashioned snail mail. But it's worth it to get your hands on this phenomenal book. 

If you love etouffee's poetry the way you oughtta love his poetry, you should go pick this up right away. 

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