Word Morph: A story, in one language, wherein the written form and the spoken form have entirely different, well formed meanings.

The ultimate objective is most likely impossible to attain for monolinguistic humans. Here is an example... when read aloud the reader may not understand, but the listeners should hear parts:

"The four tune tell hair stirred hard at hair head lyin' Dan sing in the darkness of her car or van. She had worn shoes on her feet. 'Eye nose hair gay mere,' sheep renounced, 'eye can see hair try in two inn flew hence you.'

'Watt, as in you sin power?'

'Sin power, eye. Foe eye nose Watt the few chewer will on fold - has it bean knot writ ten ear a sin the stairs?'

'Tell me, pray.'

'Pray then: as none no the were fours, the whys are no on two the wise. Ewe don't no were you are ewe confused.'

'Eye meant the hat, knot.'

'Luck then at my watch my hands on your hart line. Icy into resting he vents a head for ewe. Men he or the true bulls that can front you, butt give hen per cyst hence ewe well over come. Ewe art who meat some one inn an other tie me, Juan who will don the man on till it is yore tern. My jig will then be two a way queue in the nude ream.'

'Handware hand when dust this scum two pass?'

The tune tell her gays deep in two err I's and slow lea tapped the Tay Bull with a core's thread. 'Sum tie me in the few chewer. yet summertime in the passed - four it bee now, all ways it bee now, here, know here, now here and now. Call me an eye'll bee with ewe in know time is an illusion.'

How the shall I prow seed?. Do I speak two this man with grates elf confidence?'

'Speaking to ewe as a child, I would say you must catch him wit my jig spells and imagine him in a stayed of sex you all arouse all.' The tell err rubbed her knows and poked her here.

'I understand. Now you have scene me with beautiful eyes, wear next?'

'Follow in out law riding your horse, dream you half an angel in yore bed, chase the dog with a sawer foot: they are confusing issues. The weigh is two imagine a glass of what her until it becomes clear. That is the answer: witch will have no question".'

The author of this piece is unknown, it was just on a sheet of paper I had lying around the house from long ago. Let it be known that this was ripped off from somewhere though.

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