A small, rather dull city in the county of Worcestershire , UK, notable for its cathedral, the Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce factory, and regularly being flooded by the River Severn.

The town has a fair number of students, having several small colleges nearby. The largest employers in the area are the Kayes (a mail order company) distribution centre, and the Kayes complaints department.

Unfortunately, the nightlife is terrible, with a few fairly identical ritzy nightclubs and not much else. If you must go out in Worcester, try the Appletree pub in Lowesmore, which has a mixed crowd, decent music, and fairly lethal four stroke.

The public transport is, to be blunt, fucking terrible. The main bus station has a wonderful neo-brutalist "prison camp" feel to it, complete with guard towers and spotlights. Most buses stop running at around 11pm, so you'll be wanting to get home early lest you end up stranded there until morning. Alternatively, there are two train stations, if you're feeling particularly reckless with your cash and personal safety, and are unconcerned with such trifling matters as punctuality and not getting stuck just outside Malvern Link for two hours for no good reason.

That said, it can be quite a beautiful city from certain angles at a certain distance under certain light. But then, you could say that about Coventry. Almost.

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