A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

Simon Williams is the real name of Wonder Man. Born the youngest son of industrialist Sanford Williams, Simon entered the family business, Williams Innovations at a young age and took over as CEO when his father died. With his company in debt and lacking the necessary business skills, Simon took to embezzling from the company to invest in outside ventures in an attempt to save the company. His crime was discovered and he was arrested and sent to trial. Found guilty of the charges, Simon was sent to jail.

He was bailed out of jail by the Enchantress who convinced Simon to undergo a procedure by Baron Heinrich Zemo to give him the power to attack Iron Man and the Avengers. Iron Man is associated with Stark Enterprises whose success Simon blamed for the failure of his company. Simon was exposed to an ionic ray that gave him great strength and invulnerability. However, the procedure was fatal and was killing Simon. Attacking the Avengers, Simon, who called himself Wonder Man, had almost beaten the Avengers when he had a change of heart and rebelled against the Enchantress and Zemo. Having proven himself a hero, Wonder Man died.

The Avengers buried Wonder Man, after having recorded his brain patterns. These brain patterns were later used by Ultron to give personality to his creation the Vision.

Wonder Man was not dead, but in a death-like state. For many years, Wonder Man's body underwent a metamorphasis, becoming more than human, powered by the ionic energy in his body. His body was stolen by his brother Eric, in his guise as the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper employed the help of Black Talon to raise Wonder Man to a zombie state and have his body attack the Avengers. The Avengers defeated him and soon Simon began to come back to life.

Simon served as an Avenger for many years. He was a member of both the east coast and west coast branches of the team. He formed a fast friendship with the Beast and a romantic attachment to fellow teammate the Scarlet Witch.

When the west coast branch of the Avengers was shut down, Iron Man formed a new team called Force Works to meet the challenges that faced them. Wonder Man joined Force Works and during its first mission, lost his life preventing a spaceship from crashing to Earth.

He stayed dead for a time, until the Scarlet Witch summoned him in an energy form back from the dead. Eventually using her mystical powers, the Scarlet Witch was able to restore Wonder Man back to full life.

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