When I began my stint as a Role Playing Game reviewer, at most I expected the occasional free game, some promos and maybe a couple posters or nifty items. On a whole I've gotten exactly that, but in December 2000 I received a handwritten and signed Christmas Card from Wizards of the Coast.

Now granted, it was from the PR Guy that I had been speaking with about what we needed and what we wanted to review, but damn if it wasn't the slickest Christmas Card I've ever gotten.

The front is black, fading to a dark purple as the color reaches the bottom and features the WOTC logo in purple and fading to blue, while the inside is white and features a raised graphic of the Seattle skyline, with the WOTC shooting star in the sky. The note inside is in blue ink, probably written with a Bic pen or similar since these things inhabit offices across space and time and the note really only reviews what they had sent me and thanks me for being interested in their material.

Still, since then I have received a lot of material from them and none of the rest have contained a card like this, leading me to believe that it was solely for their Christmas sendings and even though it is June now, that card still sits on my desk at work so that I can hold it up to the other gamers around me and brag that I got a Christmas Card from Wizards of the Coast.

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