I could tell you I had noticed it previously, but that would be a lie. I had been going to the Wendy's on Broad street for months without ever noticing the (drawings? paintings?stuff?) artwork. I only noticed it this evening because she was there - doing it.

On her knees, face against the glass wall facing the street, University of Richmond sweatshirt, a size too big, sleeves rolled up. Bright red hair, crewcut except for a tail. She was painting a sliver of a crescent moon to match the one creeping it's way above the apartment buildings across the traffic. The moon would go with the various constellations and shooting stars she had already completed. I did a double take when I noticed she had a box full of Wite-out next to her cut out jeans. Barefeet inside sandals and a charm bracelet around her ankle with various small silver animals.

She was accomplishing the entire enterprise with Wite-out. I got my burger and Frostee to go and tried not to stare as she completed the mural and crawled out from under the table closest to the door. I wondered about the fumes. The guy behind the counter had been watching me watch her and he spoke up:

We don't ask her to do it, ya know. She just comes in here once in a while and does stuff. My manager used to be an art student so he lets her do it as long as she doesn't cover up the specials.

I ignore the guy and started for the door, considering what I should say to her, but she bolted out before I could get there. I saw her walking away, down the sidewalk, throwing stuff in a gym bag as she went. Left behind was a vague scent of Vanilla and something like ether. A clean getaway.

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