"Welcome, race fans, to round one of the Rapier Class Championships! It is a fine day at the Porto Koro Speedway and this is shaping up to be quite a bongo race."

"That's right Jim. Today we've got representatives from every team on the starting grid. Some of the finest examples of racing machinery as well as skilled human beings are filling those positions. Down in the prep paddock is our very own Ken Jurgen, he'll be interviewing some of the racers. Ken, how are things going down there?"

"Well, Steve, we've got 12 qualifying racers who were selected from a possible 42 who scored enough points during the season. These 12 made it into the championships in a final set of time trials at the Mega Mall."

"Unfortunately, that means we won't see Mega Mall as one of the races for the championships, right?"

"That's right, Jim. Our current lineup includes Stanza Inter, the Hi-Fumii, and Manor Top, as well as one track that has yet to be announced."

"So, Ken, who's there now?"

"Standing next to me is Moritz Muller, a member of the Feisar racing team, one of the oldest in the history of anti-grav racing. What's your plan for today, Moritz?"

"Vell Ken, I ave to play it chill, keep za systems in za green and finish za race. Zat is always my top priority. You can't score if you don't finish."

"Well put, Moritz. Stay calm and focus. That's what brought you here today. Right next door, we have Paul Brolin of Auricom Independant, also one of the old race teams. Paul, it looks like your boys have got a well-tuned craft for you."

"It's all about teamwork, Ken. Without the engineers in R&D, the sponsors, and even the fans in the crowd, I couldn't race. Can I just say one thing?"


"Hi Mom, Hi Dad. Thanks for all your help."

"I'm sure they appreciate that and good luck to you. There seems to be some commotion over at the Assegai pen. It... it looks like Amara Beshir, himself, President of Assegai Developments, is overseeing the preparations of their craft. Mr. Beshir, is your pilot available for some quick questions?"

"He is busy with his own preparations, he prefers quiet before a race and trusts his technicians to take care of the details."

"You must be quite happy to have the opportunity to prove your claims last year of, I believe it was 'consigning your competitors to history'."

"Do not misquote me on this matter. We at Assegai take the F7200 Racing very seriously. This league is a proving ground for new technology and gives us, and by 'us' I mean humans, an opportunity to peacefully display our abilities."

"When you stress peacefully, are you making reference to your previous complaints of the F7200 Committee reinstating weapons rules similar to the F5000 League?"

"We were taken some what off-guard since we had designed our craft with speed and maneuverability in mind and had little dedicated to shielding systems. We have shown our adaptability and compensated for these rules, bringing us to the Championships."

"Good luck to you, sir. Steve, it looks like we'll be taking a sponsor break for just a moment, but afterwards, we'll have interviews with Qirex, AG Systems, and get a peek inside of the Icaras craft."

"Can't wait to see that, Ken. More interviews and the green flag after this."

Wipeout 3 is a fast-paced racing game for the PlayStation, developed and published by Psygnosis. Released on September 21st, 1999 (Wip3out in Japan, February 3rd, 2000), the game featured 60 fps at high resolution with textures, pushing the PlayStation's graphics hardware to its limits.

Wipeout, in all its iterations, requires memory, ruthlessness and, above all, reflexes. Don't blink, hold a conversation, or operate heavy machinery while playing this game. To reach the summits this game offers, you will have to reach that Zen state where you are the game, the controller is part of you, and you can't think too hard. The alpha brainwaves will radiate from your head and calm those around you. Either that, or they know that if they distract you, you will have to hurt them.

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